Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The best I ever read was ... because...

I’ve read many different book but my favorite would have to be Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I wanted to read this book because Julianne Hough was playing the main character in the movie. I decided to read the book first to have something to read while waiting for the movie to come out. I wanted to imagine my own scenes and characters then see whats different between the book and movie.This book really surprised me by having more to it then just a love story. I enjoyed the drama and the mystery. Throughout the whole book I was always trying to figure something out which kept me wanting to read more. I read this book the fastest i’ve ever read a book! This shows how great the book was because usually I do take time to read a book, no matter how good it is. The author did a good job at grabbing my attention and always wanting me to read more which made a huge difference on reading the book.

How do you decide what book you will read?

I usually decide what book I will read by either if the front cover grabs my attention (if so I will read the back summary), if there is a movie coming out of the book and the movie looks interesting, or if someone recommends the books to me. I often read romantic, mystery or drama filled books. I am always up for something new to read but always end up with something I enjoy reading. I look for catchy titles or a front picture/colors that makes the book look enjoyable. I like to hear what my friends are reading and ask if its something I could enjoy. 

In general, how do you feel about reading?

In general I do enjoy reading. I wish I read more books because I think reading can help in so many ways. I think it helps learning new words, your writing skills and expands your use of language. For myself I always have to be in the mood to read as in feeling relaxed or bored. Usually I read before bed and can read a lot when I am really into the book. It really depends on what book I am reading for me to read lots or if I have lots going on I feel like I have no time to read. I like reading books in class because I can explore different types of books and see what else is out there. It also forces me to read which I don’t mind because I wish I do read more.

Techno “Do-You” 

I own a iPhone 4S with internet access. I can access  internet without or with wifi. Sometimes in the classroom I don’t always have service. I do not own a laptop or tablet of any kind I could bring to class. I only have a Mac computer at home. I do not own a Kindle or Kobo. I have thought about buying one but I feel I wouldn’t use it to often seeing as I don’t read that often. I have a twitter account which I don’t use often. I mostly follow old and current friends and celebrities just to see whats new. I have a tumblr blog which I created a few years ago for myself and make a personal blog but now I just use it to find interesting pictures, look at inspiring quotes and to get ideas for anything like fashion, school, crafts etc. I follow blogs that are mostly similar to mine. I like the idea of using technology for this course because technology is a big part of our generation now a days. I think it will be a fun way of doing assignments. I am excited to see how my blog will turn out and to see all the progress and work I have done over the past semester.

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