Monday, December 2, 2013

Dialogue and Non Verbal Body Language

" I feel he doesn't like me anymore" stated Alice.
"Aww why?" with a confused look said Dorthy.
"He doesn't treat me the same"
"Do you know why?, There must be a reason" asked Dorthy
" I think I have been getting into to much trouble" said Alice with her eyes so small and sad.
Dorthy gave off a annoyed expression on her face. 
"Maybe you have to change a bit?" stated Dorthy.
Alice said while changing the tone in her voice. " I already do that and it's annoying! "
Alice and Dorthy's bodies were already very close together, Dorthy reached in for a hug in hope Alice would feel better.
"Let's go for a walk" Alice said with a little smile forming on her face.

Non Verbal Body Language

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