Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Imagery Paragraph Questions

1.     I selected this particular passage because I liked the scene I was imagining. I like the way the sentence started off ‘ I wanted to tell you about us..’, just that makes it sound like it’s going to be a happy, love, or even just a good story. It appealed to me because I love to hear happy stories or about relationships. I like how this paragraph really makes you think who he is talking too.
2.     The most common type of imagery is visual.
3.     To me the best snippet of imagery would be ‘us running’ & ‘split wine from laughing’. I choose those ones because of the image I got in my head. I picture them being happy together and enjoying wine during the sunset and having a good time.
4.     The imagery is positive, I can tell by the choice of words the author used in the paragraph. ‘Beautiful’, ‘from laughing’, ‘last day of high school’, ‘I was happy’, ‘they were happy’, ‘even let me hug her’, & ‘Congratulations was the word of the day’.
5.     I can tell the author is trying to make us feel happy and enjoy everything at that moment. The feeling how Charlie is finally happy with his life.

6.     I think the purpose of this piece of imagery is showing the true side of Charlie. I feel Charlie just wanted to say something and tell a story and it was a story that came to mind that means something to him.

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