Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my buried life

authors note:
My name is Shelby and this is my buried life.  I have been making a bucket list of things I want to do before I die for a vey long time. Each year I add new things and I hope to continue to add and make my list grow. It's kind of scary thinking that I may be able to complete all my list by the time I am elderly, or who knows maybe I will still be completing them. One of my main passion is dance and traveling. As a kid I have never been on a vacation across the ocean or anywhere far. I have friends that go on trips all the time and have sands from many different beaches around the world. It inspired me to start a collection one day of something that can remind me of all my trips around the world.  Some where that has caught my eye is Spain. I love the culture and music and the language. I also love Greece because all the pictures I have seen look amazing. It also reminds me of my child hood and how I would watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and they went to Greece. Another place would be Hawaii. I would pick Hawaii because it is a beautiful tropical place and my friends kid is 5 and he has been there 6 times so I think it's my turn.. . I think it would be amazing to dance somewhere other then Manitoba. I want to see and dance on other stages and have other people watch me dance. Doing a solo has been on my list for a while, I am not nervous but it all takes time and that's what's been stopping me. Last year I did a duo with my sister which was an amazing experience. To me my bucket list doesn't have to be expensive or crazy wild things I just want to say I have completed it whether it is big or small. Some things may take a while, while others not so much and I'm ok with that because I have my whole life ahead of me. I chose the song 'I Love This Road' by Emerson Drive because I thought it fit well. I love the road I'm heading down and the road I'm making mine and all the stops that will come along the way. All pictures taken or drawn by myself. 

what now? 
Rascal Flatts has been one of my favourite country bands for a long time. When I found they were going to be at country fest in June I had to go! I saved my money got my mom to stay online and order tickets the day they were selling them. I just need to grab and pack everything when the times comes and I will be set to see and watch Rascal Flatts perform live!

my bucket list: 

#1 Foster a child
#2 Run the full Manitoba Marathon
#3 Sit in the audience of Ellen
#4 Learn Spanish 
#5 Visit Spain
#6 Meet a Kardashian
#7 Touch a jelly fish
#8 Ride an elephant & pet a tiger in Thailand.
#9 Get a tattoo that means something 
#10 Dance on a stage outside of Manitoba
#11 Watch a live recoding of So You Think You Can Dance
#12 Own a siberian husky
#14 Take a picture with my celebrity look alike..... Vanessa Hudgens
#15 Travel to Greece
#16 Teach a dance class one day on my own
#17 Complete in a solo at festival
#18 Go wine tasting
#19 Be in the newspaper
#20 Scuba diving in Hawaii
#21  Be in times square on New Years Eve
#22 Swim with dolphins
#23 Donate Blood
#24 Learn how to surf
#25 Zip-line in somewhere tropical
#26 Be a maid of honor at a wedding
#27 Try hot yoga
#28 Visit all 52 states (40 to go)
#29 Take a train somewhere
#30 Write a novel
#31 Road trip with my friends
#32 Watch the nutcracker
#33 Own a cabin
#34 Go cliff jumping off higher cliffs
#35 See a psychic (completed) 
#36 See Rascal Flatts live
#37 Knit a quilt
#38 Pull an all nighter
#39 Go for a hot air balloon ride
#40 Take a plane ride across the ocean
#41 Write a letter to the people living in my old house
#42 Go skiing at Big White
#43 Help in an undeveloped country
#44 Attend and graduate from Université de Saint-Boniface
#45 Put a lock on the love lock bridge in France
#46 Help build a school in an undeveloped country
#47 Try foods from around the world
#48 Be hypnotized
#49 Be a mom
#50 Be a great-grandma


  1. I like your bucket list! You have many things that are realistic that will make it easier for you to accomplish! I too really want to go to greece and ride a train.

  2. No way I wanna see rascal flatts too and I'm also going to country fest ! See ya there

  3. That's cool that you're going to see rascal flats! I hope you have lots of fun.

  4. Taking a picture with your celebrity look a like seems like such a fun idea! A lot of your ideas were unique and interesting. Your now what also seems pretty interesting as well, I hope you get to enjoy country fest!

  5. I liked how you used drawings for some of your visual aspects. You are an amazing artist and it was great to see your work. Have fun at CFest! ;)

  6. I think it's awesome your going to country fest, were all going there to so hopefully we see you there, it's going to be insane!

  7. I really liked you video and I went to country fest last year and it was a lot of fun. You will for sure have fun! I liked your drawings

  8. I liked how your video reflected you and things you like, like country music. It was hard to read your Now What so if it could've been on longer it would've been easier to read.

  9. Very creative list. I really thought the being hypnotized one was really interesting that I haven't thought of. I think that would be really fun to do.

  10. I loved your video. Loved the song and everything on your list. I hope to travel to Greece one day and meet a kardashian! Good luck!

  11. I liked the mixture of real photos and drawings that you out in your video. I also like how you've already completed some of the things on your list! Good job

  12. I liked all of your visuals you used! Your now what was good too and it's awesome that you'll get to see them soon!! Have fun!

  13. I wish I could go to Country Fest! I'm for sure going next year, have fun.

  14. Wow that's an awesome bucket list and I'm going to country fest too

  15. I thought it was cool how you drew a majority of the photos, it was very creative! Have fun at country fest!

  16. The one that really stood out to me is the most is the 52 states thing. I would love to do that, it would be so cool! It's awesome you're going to see them, I'm sure it'll be worth it!

  17. I would love to meet the Kardashian's! Love their show and I just think they're such a carefree and crazy outgoing family! I think Kylie would have to be my favourite, because she's so open about everything and I love that she has her own separate style from everyone else! Who's your favourite?

  18. I like that you took the time to write out all your things you want to do, you have good printing so it looked really nice and neat. You can tell that you put a lot of effort into it.