Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Social Fiction Project: Polar Bear Dad

My brother Oliver and I live with my mom. We live in this older house in a small town in South Dakota. My dad was a marine biologist and worked in different states many times and was always traveling so we never really saw him. One day Oliver and I were looking through old photo albums and we came across pictures of my dad at his job site and while flipping through the old photographs I noticed he was always with the polar bears in the pictures or pictures of his office it showed that he had an obsession with polar bears. Oliver thought it was really cool but still went off and played with his super hero toys while I continued looking through the albums. It was my birthday the next day and when I opened my gift. I noticed it was a pamphlet to Marine Land.

The next morning when we woke up packed our suit cases and mine was as full as I could make it. I made sure I had my camera, sunglasses and runners. Usually I pack too much and my mom always have to pay the extra cash for over weight luggage. After packing the taxi shows up waiting outside for my family to load our luggage. We loaded up the taxi with our plain-jane navy blue and black suitcases. While we were on our way to the airport we passed my school I saw my friends playing outside and talking like us girls usually do before school. My brother says he can’t wait to start school and I just agree and tell him the good things because I don’t want to crush his dreams. We finally arrived at the airport from a decently long drive and we got out and I noticed that the airport was pretty crowded full of people. Whenever I see the airport busy with big families I always picture a mother duck and her ducklings. I think it just looks like it with the little kids following behind with her suitcases. After getting our luggage tags and go through security we are ready to board the plane. I personally love the window seats because I love to look off in the clouds and forget about everything for just a couple minutes.. until you know my brother decides to talk to me. Of course he had to bring his  DS and play his annoying loud game right beside me. The plane is doing the usual long introduction in the two languages which I find super annoying, once the annoying voice is done our plane is off and we are close on our way in the clouds! I get lost in the clouds for while just thinking about anything that pops in my mind and then look I back and we are getting ready to land. We finally arrived in Ontario. Plane rides kind of freak me out sometimes but I still feel super relaxed which is kind of weird. After grabbing luggage and loading up the taxi we are on our way to the hotel. The drive is pretty cool, I think looking at new sceneries in a place different from what I’m used of will always be exciting. 
After arriving at our hotel which looked kind of fancy with a twist we couldn’t wait any longer we were ready to head over to Marine Land. My mom wanted to head over to the mall quickly before we go. So we go to the mall and my brother as usual ask to go to a store thats for kids. We look around the mall for a fun store for him to look around in , we find one beside the chocolate store which I’m surprised he still chose the kid store over the chocolate one.  After only a couples seconds my brother finds this polar bear costume, Oliver likes to try on the cutest things. So he goes and tries it on and looks like a mini polar bear it was so cute, so of course my mom buys it for him. Iv’e never seen him so excited before. I really never thought he liked animals, he had a super hero love going on I thought.
Finally when it was time to head our way to Marine land.  The weather was warm and the sun was shining bright. We walked in to the amusement park and looked at the map, I wanted to go see the beluga whales but my brother wanted to go inside and see the penguins and polar bears.  We headed first to see the penguins , I turn my head and the next thing I know my brother is missing. My mom is in panic and we rush looking around we come across this polar bear costume looking at the polar bears though the class. Oliver turns around and ask “ It's so finally nice to meet you." "Have you met my dad?"

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