Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Christmas is something that you will most likely be a big part of. Christmas happens once a year on the same day every year. It's a time of year were people listen to Christmas music which usually are similar songs that different people sing. Homes inside and out are decorated and the city has many lights and decorations up. Decorations are usually Christmas colors; red, green, white, blue, silver and gold. Everyone puts up a christmas tree in there house which is what you will take part in. Some choose to buy a fake tree from stores and some choose to buy a real one which is what you will be one day. After the Christmas season is over you will most likely be thrown out but don't worry think back to the wonderful Christmas season you had with the family that you got to watch, whcih you took part in.. People start to celebrate Christmas mid November - beginning of December so you have plenty of time to be that great smelling tree.

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