Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thinking about Dialogue

-hey how's it going , good you?
-they are they are , can I have my phone? -like my hair down? I'm a girl ok it's suppose to, oh no really? *pepsi can opens * 
-but its cold, let's not talk about it
-I've never seen this before , it sucks , you've seen the lines? your saying its over . you rattled ? 
-oh yeah yeah yeah no way ! it was scary he's like listening and he lets me take his . it's good but he doesn't like when I bump him and don't go on the ground , but it's better that way I have a full hour and ten minutes to socialize and then we come back an half half an hour then have time to do whatever that's all we need , croutons and soup 
-I was really nervous and drank half of it
how many were the skates ?! 200 something holy! wtf

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