Friday, November 15, 2013

Text Connections #1

Text to Self

Charlie and his sister barely hang out and don’t have the best relationship. This reminds of my younger sister and our relationship when I was younger. We fought and had our differences but we would still always be there for one another. Now that were older my sister and I have a different relationship. We talk to each other about more stuff and buy each other things or help one another out. We hang out more and go out together. The only difference is Charlie is a sophomore like my sister and Charlie’s sister is graduating like I am which shows how my sister and I learned our differences and got along quicker then Charlie and his sister.

Text to World

In the novel Charlie walked in seeing Brad and Patrick kissing and after they noticed Charlie saw them Patrick approached Charlie and told him not to tell anyone. This is an issue around the world, having people hide there sexuality. A big part to this I believe is how judgmental people are. People are always caring to much what other think and not focusing on themselves. This is exactly what Brad is doing in the book. He is the popular guy and doesn’t want anyone knowing so it doesn’t get around. 

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